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Hey Del and Yvette!
I am so excited I am sending you this right away from my phone, haha!

This is a recent update from my ex-foster and TG Dog Koko – though now he is known as Jocko!
I have spoken to Eileen and have seen her Facebook updates about him online and it is so awesome too see him flourish – but it’s no wonder in such an amazing home!! I am so glad he came to foster with me and he has set the standard for any dog I adopt in the future ;D!
One thing I’d like to mention before you read it is that when he came to me he had severe separation anxiety and severe crate fear/anxiety!
When he left me to live with his new family he had no more separation anxiety with me, and I was hopeful he’d remember what he learned here, but I was worried he might regress back without his usual people there. And of course dogs love to prove us wrong!
I was told he did wonderful and has been an awesome, loving, and smart boy! And if you look below you can see just how far he’s come from being a crate fearful and anxious doggy!
He is definitely in the best forever home I could imagine for him and I know he (and his family) couldn’t be happier!
Just couldn’t wait to send you that because seeing him in those photos brought tears of joy to my eyes!!! :’) Hope you’ll share this on the TG blog for all to see!

Hi Julia!
Thought I’d send along Jocko’s grad photos. He was great in class, the star pupil – he is so smart! One great thing was that we worked on crate training before and after each class, and started him from an x-pen, but the last two classes he did entirely from his crate like the other dogs, with no fuss at all. We are proud of him!

Eileen & David

Jocko crated and happy

Good Boy Jocko


Jocko’s Grad – Julia — 3 Comments

  1. This just makes me smile. I so hoped that there was a happy storybook ending for Jocko & his son. I was volunteering the day that they were surrendered and brought in to be neutered when the CAAT team were in town. Dave was so good with him and was able to get him out of the crate and calm enough for his pre-op shot, but I did worry about his chances of finding a forever home as he was fear-aggressive in the crate. Oh, but what a beautiful boy and what a lovely picture he makes sitting so calmly in the crate – well done to all those involved in getting him to this point, and well done Jocko for being brave enough to give us humans a second chance!

  2. Senara/Julia – Thanks so much for sharing about Jocko (Koko) & Raffiki (now Raffi) .. Raffi is Jocko’s father and is so similar to him its unreal. I had the pleasure of fostering Raffi for a couple of months and the same situation happened for him. He found his fur soul family! and can proudly walk through the middle of China Town on busy day calmly and quite happily. I am lucky that I have the pleasure of seeing him on a regular basis at work as a co-worker adopted him and the change in his confidence, personality and over all wellness is amazing. From the scarred, fear aggressive, lonely and lost soul that came to me back in the summer he taught me to be a confident, calm, patient and trusting foster mum even the most difficult & challenging of situations. I can’t really say much more than he taught me more than I could ever thank him for. To see him & Jocko’s happiness just bring tears to my eyes… What a lucky pair!

    Thanks for helping on their way Serena & Dave/Yvette & all volunteers and Julia for the awesome update!

  3. this is just truely awsome’ and its a pleasure to see the dogs have come such a long ‘ but happy and well balanced way’ this is something to give a cheer for !!! hip hip hurray !

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