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Oh my doG is she ever cute! And a long cut too so she doesn’t get too cold. What a great job she did. I am totally envious. What a beautiful baby before and after.
Sincerely, Yvette

Yesterday morning, my mommy said we were going on an adventure.
Something about getting used to being handled and groomed. I didn’t know what she was talking about. I do now. I met this nice lady calledTiffany, she thought I was very sweet, calm and smart. Well I was washed(I love water), she used something like mommy has to dry me and then they brushed me. Then something happened, they cut half my hair off.
This was okay but they kinda were giggling when they tied pink bows to
my ears. What the heah?
Mommy and Daddy came to get me and I was so happy. Mommy says I look a
lot like my doggie Mom, Mattie Sue. They took pictures which I’m kinda
embarrassed about but they said you would like to see them so here’s a
before picture and the after.


Do I look pretty?

Mommy took the bows off finally and she says she misses my mohawk.
Love you all!

PS I got a call from my brother, Mitchell yesterday. His name is now
Tofu. He got a call from my other brother, Morgan yesterday. His name
is now Harley. We are all going to get together soon. I’m so excited.
I hope they recognize me with this new haircut.


Milah’s New Hairdo — 4 Comments

  1. You look gorgeous, Milah! I’m wondering when and where you are meeting your brothers. Perhaps I could bring some of those fundraiser dog coats and sweaters for you to look at and try on? They would be very cute on you. For pictures and info go back on the blog to Nov. 30. Here’s the link to them. Dog Coat Fundraiser

  2. Hi Barb, that little grey sweater with the pink flowers sure is cute and would match my little pink bows. LOL I’ll let you know when we’re getting together. Milah

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