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Turtle Gardens has survived another year! On April the 8th we will see our 25th Anniversary. Who would have thought that Sam’s legacy would endure so long and save so many animals. You can read her story here http://www.turtlegardens.org/blog/?p=11091¬† Turtle Gardens has evolved as the need arose – from a little rescue with two people struggling to save animals to a large network of supporters and volunteers. We work with the Prince George Correctional Center – a win-win situation. Our dogs benefit from 8 weeks of positive obedience training and the handlers benefit with a new skill. These dogs find homes pretty quickly – they are well started in lifeskills.

Our foster homes have increased the number of dogs going to Vancouver and the Island on the TG Bus. Denise is an organizational whirlwind. Lisa B is our adoption coordinator and diplomat extraordinaire. She is also long time foster home. Piper takes care of the Facebook adoption¬† page and matches applicants who didn’t match an adopted dog with another that does match. We sometimes have multiple applications for one dog – they can all be wonderful homes but with only one dog, disappointments happen. Piper helps them complete the adoption process and matches them with a new arrival – a lot of dogs no longer make it to petfinder! Paula and Del keep the regular facebook updated and interesting. Adoption inquiries have increased with social media.

And a huge THANK YOU to Del who keeps my blog current – with updates and events and whatever needs to be up and does a fantabulous job too! Way better than me! A thank you to Sherry for taking on the blog maintenance and upgrading.

Paula is our homevisit coordinator – and she does an awesome job of finding volunteers to meet our applicants. Katie finds donations of dog food etc. Piper also is our TG Bus Run photographer. Her pictures really help dogs attract attention. There is never a second chance at a First impression. The first 10 seconds are all we have to grab someone’s attention. Good pictures does just that. Susan B took pictures this last trip – two awesome photographers in our group – we certainly are fortunate.

Linda D rounds up supplies ie blankets and towels, beds, everything we need to make our dogs comfortable and happy. Jerry her brother rounds up dogfood, puts it on a pallet, shrink wraps and delivers it to Bandstra. Bandstra delivers the food at a discount. We use a lot of food for these dogs – 4 20 kg bags is not unusual each day!

We have multiple Fundraiser people. Once an idea is presented volunteers flock forward to help make it happen,. Fundraising and donations are the backbone of Turtle Gardens. The Pet Shop Boys add a pet of the month in each of their newsletters.

Our veterinarians are the reason we do so very well. Burns Lake Veterinary Clinic goes above and beyond. They see just about every dog that come in here. They spay and neuter 200 dogs a year for TG. And do it with grace and compassion and a hefty discount. Without Dr Martin and Dr Kye we would not be able to run Turtle Gardens effectively. A very humble thank you. This year will also be the 25th year we have worked with Burns Lake.

Our specialty surgeries have been sent to Babine Pet Hospital. Dr Mike does beautiful work with ACL’s – and lately we have had quite a few. Paevaa is coming back to TG – she needs ACL surgery too. Little Fancy is going in this week for a complete blood panel to assess her health and then she will be spayed at Babine. Vicky is my local small dog foster. She has a small network of foster homes for small dogs. She takes them in to be vetted at Bulkley Valley and Babine. It certainly makes my job easier and more efficient. We doubled the numbers of small dogs coming in.

A special thank you to Dr Ubi of Cambie Animal Hospital. He takes care of all of our fosters in Vancouver. And Prince George Animal Hospital – they take care of our prison program dogs. Without our network of veterinarians again we would not excel at what we do.

I am sure that I have forgotten someone. Some of our supporters I don’t even know! To everyone who helps us help the dogs I and David THANK YOU.

It takes a village to raise a child but here at Turtle Gardens – it takes a province to raise good dogs. Thank you to all our volunteers and supporters. Without you we would be nothing. 2013 has all the hallmarks of a great year – together we will succeed. I am no longer alone.

A picture for you my dogs at my feet;

Grizzly Adams, Sweetpea and Molson


A New year for Turtle Gardens — 4 Comments

  1. WOW! So many people, so many talents and so many dogs! Quite an eye opener to realize how much (I can imagine, but until it’s laid out like this) and how many people work to make TG work! Yvette, I have had the pleasure of speaking with you and you are lovely. I am very partial to Lisa B, we’ve met with her twice and keep in contact via email once in awhile and you have so hit the nail on the head “she is a diplomat extrodinaire”, she’s is just a beautiful lady inside and out. She is a wonderful ambassador for TG. Quite a few of the names you have mentioned I notice in the comments when I go to them. How fortunate to have so many wonderful people working with you! Dave and Yvette you make it all possible, you have given your lives and your home to do this….goes without saying it would not happen without you folks. I believe I went to school with Vicky, so jealous of her long blonde hair way back when…..All the best in 2013 TG, I admire you so!

  2. I do a mouses share of TG work but Yvette is always giving a lions share of thanks to each and every volunteer and supporter. Nothing in my life has been as rewarding as being involved with these great dogs and great people! Congratulations on the 25 year anniversary Yvette and Dave….there aren’t enough words (or rewards) to express how amazing you are to have dedicated a good part of your life to the dogs!

  3. Yvette and Dave,
    Happy New Year and all the best to you in 2013 as you celebrate your 25th Anniversary at Turtle Gardens.
    Thank you and all your supporters for saving the lives of so many lovely dogs and finding them their forever homes.
    I can’t imagine what northern reserves and communities would be like without your work to save these dogs. It boggles my mind that you can rescue the number of dogs you have in the past 25 years.
    Your motto “slow and steady wins the race” couldn’t be more true. You have slowly and steadily saved thousands of dogs and made a huge difference in their lives and the lives of the families who adopted them.
    Thank you!!!!!

  4. Hi ‘ And Happy New year ‘Congratulations on your 25 th’ the dedication to helping all the great dogs you help never stops amazing me!you are pup’s angels for sure’ no matter you open your heart to each one! May…. 2013 ‘ be the happiest for you’Yvette ,Dave & crew who helps @ TG. & all who help you over all of BC & Elsewhere i’am sure. lov &Hugs Ray’Pollyb& Reese.

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