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We were asked by a good friend if we would consider helping a senior French Mastiff who needed help. Once we heard his story, there was no way he wasn’t coming here – an outside dog, no bed on cement, food rationed. We said yes and arrangements for his pick up was made on the TG Bus Run February 13th, 2012. Dave was horrified when he met Bruno – he could barely stand, his eyes were caked shut with exudate. It took all three men to lift the big dog into the van. The dog was breathing very heavily – he was not in very good condition. At the rest area in Hope, they offered Bruno water which he drank and drank – water starved. He would not eat. So on they drove. In Cache Creek at their usual motel, they lifted Bruno down with a sling of towels and helped him walk to eliminate. They brought him into the room and he collapsed on a bed of blankets from the supply in the van. Slings were used to load him up again, he still would not eat. Dave feared he was transporting a dying dog. Dave stopped at the Burns Lake Veterinary Clinic on his way through and he was seen in the back of the van. Loaded up with eye cream, antibiotics for his entropion eyes that were never fixed and metacam, Dave came home. His prognosis was very guarded. This oldĀ  9 year old mastiff had been hard done by.

Somehow Bruno was unloaded and made his way from the van to the yard (his metacam given at the vet clinic had kicked in) and up the ramp to a nest of quilts next to the woodstove. Bruno gave a heartfelt sigh – he was home! He was warm and comfy. He was safe. With the metacam, he could get up and he could eat. He took his pills in a wiener – Dave almost lost his hand!! he put drops in his eyes.

Bruno's eyes

Slowly Bruno started getting better. He ate well. He was always housebroken, very clean. He was so happy to have warmth and a soft bed. Dave found him a huge dog cushion. Bruno had his own bed. If any dog was on his bed, he would just collapse on top of the interloper. They soon learned to get off that bed when Bruno came in!

Bruno walking around on his crooked legs and feet

Bruno enjoyed his summer, built up muscles in his legs and happily TROTTED along the fence with the other dogs barking at intruders!! He was a happy fellow. His person was Dave and he followed Dave all day and lay beside his bed. He was a fulfilled old fella with his own person. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Bruno on his supersizer bed.

Sunday, his cough was more pronounced though he still ate well and went outside to do his business. He followed Dave to the door when Dave left to drive Bear home after a day spent with us. He lay down next to the woodstove to wait for Dave to come home so he could escort back into the common room. Sometime during the night, his massive heart stopped. Our Bruno was running free and unencumbered at the Rainbow Bridge.

Beautiful old soul, Bruno


In memory of a great dog – Bruno – February 25, 2013 — 14 Comments

  1. Oh, Bruno, my heart aches for you. It is full of happiness that you spent the last year of your life in a heavenly place like Turtle Gardens. It is full of sadness for the terrible way you were treated before you came to Turtle Gardens. Tears are streaming down my face…

  2. Turtle Gardens must have been a small slice of heaven for Bruno – with his own personal angels caring for him. Bless you, Yvette and Dave – and I wish Bruno’s former “owners” could have a taste of the treatment they gave him…

  3. I am so grateful to you for giving Bruno what was no doubt the best year of his life – loved, safe, comfortable, well fed. Though his heart has stopped, it beats on in yours.

  4. Bruno knew such love and happiness living with you, bless you all for giving Bruno such wonderful love in the last year of his life! I know that to him, it more than made up for all his past!

  5. You always manage to write such a beautiful blog in a dog’s memory….it’s a real testament to the love you gave Bruno in his year with you. You gave him a year that he never knew was possible for his first 9 years of life.

  6. As always Dave and Yvette, you have given yet another dear, dear soul the life he always deserved.
    It’s so fortunate that dogs live in the now. We can take a bit of comfort to know for Bruno you were his ALL. He went to Rainbow Bridge with a happy heart. I love to imagine all the dogs that have gone before him, meeting up, and with Duchess Sammy and together they all run endlessly on straight, strong legs and healthy bodies.
    RIP Bruno
    Tail wags from King, Princess MollyDawg and Lady May

  7. Oh yvette and dave, i am so sorry for your loss of Bruno. When we lose our furry friends they take a piece of our hearts with them. Bruno knew only love and comfort his last year, and he has taken that piece of your heart to keep with him. You will remember him always. Thank you for all you do


  8. Yvette and Dave…….you know how grateful I am that you took this beautiful dog into your lives and your hearts. Without you, he would never have known complete love and acceptance, sustenance whenever he wanted it, a warm bed inside by the fire……. companionship, both dog and people……I think he lived a lifetime over this past year, and I am so grateful to you both for opening your hearts and your home to him. Dave, I know he adored you, you were his pal. Thank you both for sharing your gift of total love and acceptance to a dog who never knew the meaning of that until you. I thank you….thank you……..xxxxxx

  9. At least Bruno passed away in his sleep — warm safe, well-fed and loved. Bless you both for taking him in and making the last year of his life so wonderful. It sounds like a little, but to an animal who has never had a real home, it is so very BIG.

  10. I remember reading about the day he arrived….so sad and in so much pain. He has lived whole new life in his last year with you… bless you and Dave for giving him that opportunity. Sending my condolences.

  11. Dear Yvette and Dave, there is no doubt you two have stepped up again in order to ease the last year of this gentle giant…bless you and Turtle Gardens for giving him what you do best….with sensitivity and awareness. He was a very lucky boy to have had that taste of love and companionship in his final days and left with peace in his heart….thank you, yet again……

  12. Ron and David met Bruno the day Dave was taking him home. He won a spot in both of their hearts and they have always asked if there is news of Bruno on the blog. The boys were so happy to hear about how well he was and that he was enjoying himself. He has a spot in my heart too even though I was not fortunate to be with the boys when they met up with Dave. We have been so happy that Bruno seemed happy and healthy and in such a warm loving home and that he experienced a whole year of WONDERFUL. Our hearts go out to you Dave and Yvette but he will be happy and healthy and waiting at the Rainbow bridge. Rest in Peace old fella

  13. You guys are the best!!!! RIP Bruno. At least in the last year he knew what it was to be loved. A lose is never easy and my heart goes out to you.

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