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Is it ok to love someone you have to pay?…. I guess it really matters what we pay for. I thought it might be a little weird till I realized the parts I really loved and enjoyed money could never buy. We always seem to think money is going solve every thing but it doesn’t (insert your own list of rich dead troubled souls) and money most definitely won’t buy life or death. Once something is gone it’s gone there is no” bring it back”, no matter if it’s the 500 year old mighty white Oak tree or the tiny puppies that never lived in a world of sight. No amount of money is going to bring them back.

So I got a question for us all, we all love the “romanticize” idea of keeping a dog that no one can touch but what about the “practical” idea of it? Do we have any idea what we are going to do when that dog gets out of the fence and gets hurt..Yes, I am not perfect sometimes *&$%#$ just happens. No this is not a “HOUSTON WE GOT A PROBLEM” moment, if we are not careful this simple but extreme flesh wound is going to become life threatening. I can hear it now –  a little dramatic Stan, dogs don’t die from flesh wounds, it’s 2013.  But the truth is, they die every day everywhere because they become a “Dangerous dog”  and that’s it. Game over. Death from a flesh wound and I am going to say it like it is. It is a lot better today then is was years ago and maybe some of the fear is based on the “old days” but still a very real fear.

So I guess it really matters where you live because if you live in Burns Lake BC you got access to the best vet care in the province and I know. We eat, breathe, sleep dog here, and hear lots of “Vet Tails” based on a 25 year relationship. I have brought dogs to Dr.Lois that were big and mean and just rank, like bite me twice rank. And she just grabbed him and say” come on old son lets have a look at that”.  And the bugger just sit there= ears straight out to the side and lets her do what she needs to. Hahah.  He knew he was screwed when he looked at me and I had the same look in my eyes as he did. Man he got X-rayed and surgery and the whole nine yards and not even so much a lifted lip. That’s why I love my “VET” there are two people that fill the white coats at my vet office, and they are the perfect contact to cover every thing. So if your in Burns Lake they got you covered from your hamster to your draft horse.

I am just going to cut right to the chase all the sappy stuff aside, They are a part of our community. They see things they shouldn’t. They take the time to mentor our young people with summer jobs, and have a very “practical love” filled office. They are going to tell you how it is whether you like it or not and I trust that. I think that’s what it is really about for  me. In the end I really have to trust “My Vet” and I do. And there are some days when I am in there with my furry friends I just want to ask “Hey Doc I have this pain in my arm here what you think.

So I am so glad I started this hands on fur blog category. I can just tell it like it is. So if it seems I always want to send every dog through the place (all 350 a year) through your tiny office; it’s because you are the best in the valley Wait no best in the province and I have an educated opinion for what it’s worth. I am just going to say it when my very sad and broken down dogs come back from surgery from Burns Lake Vet Clinic, they are in the best shape ever. There is a huge difference in how fast they recover and how much they get stressed out. And it is unlike any vet clinic I have been in from the very posh ones to the very dingy ones. And just as there are some things in this world that money can’t buy there are some things money can’t say, and that is thank you so much and we LOVE link(have a look love) you. All of you at the entire office are just plain amazing and I think it needs to be said without you and your “practical love” (and we see it even tho you hide it so well)  T.G would not be, and to all of you that have a “turtle” dog now is the time to think to yourself thank DoG the Burns Lake vet clinic was there otherwise my furry friend might not be at your feet now or sleeping with your kids…… and this blog is a great way to tell them thanks so please do comment and tell them how much you love your furry friend. It’s always going to be love your vet day the first Monday back after the May long weekend…… Got to run going to be late to the vet…….


Love your vet day !!! Stan — 6 Comments

  1. Stan I too am glad you started this blog I think it is important for people to know it is not all warm and fuzzy being a rescue center and not all dogs can be fixed some just have to be lived with and this is the burden of the rescue and those that run it.

    Many people do not understand what is done in a rescue that there is more then puppy cuddles and leisurely walks. Your blog brings out this aspect of what the realities are, the challenges you face, the heart break and frustration, and the happy endings after a lot of hard work from dedicated network of support workers.

    You may be dyslexic but you have no problem expressing yourself in your blogs and I for one and I am sure many more look forward to hearing your point of view whether it is sappy or slap you in the face shocking keep the words flowing.

  2. A big thank you from one of the Cold Pups. He is now 2 1/2 years old and is truly loved by his family. TG and Burns Lake Vets gave this litter a chance, and under all your care they thrived.

  3. As the Leader of The Bella Coola Four, Yes, I can say I had the pleasure of being seen by the doctors at Burns Lake Clinic. I have their name on my vet papers. So does Duchess Sammy and Lady May! Thank you so much for all you’ve done for all the dogs of the North. We are proud to be able to say you gave your care to us!
    Thanks for writing yet another awesome blog Stan. These points need to be made and your doing an amazing job of it. Keep it up!

  4. My 2 TG alumni are happy, healthy souls. Bellezza (the Maremma Shiva) & Squiggles (the teensy almost 1-yr-old TerrierX Finnegan) play all day. Bellezza hid under your bed for 2 mos. & she was one sick young girl, emotionally & physically. You wouldn’t recognize her now – loves everyone & is so happy to be alive. Thanks for all the love you gave her. Her smiles light up the world.
    A huge thanks for all you do to make every dog know that life can be good. And yes, those of us who’ve been in rescue for yrs. know that it’s very hard sometimes. One good thing is that the ones too sick to last long, get someone loving to hold them as they leave this life; they know that at least the last days or yrs. were the best they could’ve been. They always know we’re trying our very best to make their lives good.

  5. Stan, your blog is fantastic! And this post is spot on! We, in Burns Lake, do have the best vets & staff. I have experienced their expertise and care on many occasions, from the beginning of life, to the end. Their care of unwanted pets goes above and beyond the call of duty. Turtle Gardens & the Burns Lake Vet Clinic should be held up to the world to show what compassionate care really looks like! The Lakes District is very fortunate to have such a pro-active pet care community. LAF, CAAT & FOTG come to mind too.

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