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Ruff Stuff Dog ServicesWell by hook or by crook we made it to Ruff Stuff’s 10th Anniversary gathering put on by Tracy and her hubby Erik. What wonderful hosts they are. They certainly made us feel welcomed. Thank you so much for your hospitality. Daddy said the burgers were divine, but he didn’t give us any. Drat!

Well? Would YOU go to a party without washing YOUR hair??

Well? Would YOU go to a party without washing YOUR hair??

At first we thought we couldn’t go, but an unexpected last minute change of plans meant we were able to attend! Of course that meant that Princess MollyDawg had to have a B.A.T.H before we could show up. After all who ever heard of a Princess with dirty hair. Oh my!

After a 3 1/5 hr LONG drive through Whistler traffic we finally arrived! It was so nice to finally have a chance to meet with TG’s Home Visit coordinator, Denise F and one of TG’s Foster moms, Julia Sc. There were three of the presently adoptable dogs and a few who already have their Furever family. Wow there were so many dogs. We had such a blast!

Hey? Move your butt Princess MollyDawg, You're crowding me!

Hey? Move your butt Princess MollyDawg, You’re crowding me!

Julia has added her photos on this link: Turtle Gardens Group Facebook, so please feel free to go check them out. They’re great! I even snuck a couple of them for here. Thanks Julia. Speaking of Julia, I hear she won the 50/50 draw! Cool eh? I believe it was $136. She says, “Im super happy cause its going to help pay for my trip to the island to camp and also when I’m going to visit a couple of my old foster dogs. “Woo Hoo way to go Julia!”

Dee -Petfinder link  http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/26205130

Denise with TG Adoptable Brooklyn, Julia and TG Adoptable Dee

Tracy in Ruff Stuff Play area

Tracy in Ruff Stuff Play area

What a great set up Ruff Stuff has for the dogs who use this facility. We were very impressed with the amount of safety precautions put into place and the amount of care that’s provided for her clients. Well Done Tracy!
The yard has enough space for the dogs to RUN like the wind with ample amounts of balls for all to enjoy.
The digging area was a big hit for everyone.

Shhhhh Im hidin'

Shhhhh Im hidin’

Hi, I'm hiding on Dee. shhhhh

I’m hiding on Dee. shhhhh

Especially Little Vivaldi who’s now adopted and renamed Beckman. What an adorable little fellow he is. Check out his new hiding place in his little dug out. He claimed it for quite awhile. There were a lot of others who tried to take a peek to see if they’d fit as well, but, he wasn’t giving it up for anyone!

Little Asta was making the rounds by the time we got there and seemed way more relaxed than I thought she’d be.

"What's everyone looking at me for?"

Asta – “What’s everyone looking at me for?”

It was obvious she’s eagerly waiting for her new family to find her. Then there was the adorable little Brooklyn and Dee running and playing with everybody everywhere. What balls of energy they are. I was able to get a few good pictures of when they finally decided it was rest time. What a couple of little darlings. We made lots of new friends, here’s some of the pictures we took so you can see for yourself. I can’t wait until we can see everybody again. Maybe even more TG Alumni will come by to socialize! That would be great! For now we’re recovering by spending the day sleeping all day in the shade ((YAWN)) Oh what a great day. Thanks Tracy and Erik!
Oh and remember to share these PetFinder links for Dee and Asta and Brooklyn. Thanks!

Dee – http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/26205130
Asta – http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/26205167
Brooklyn – http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/26205242

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TG’s Adoptables Socialize at Ruff Stuff — 3 Comments

  1. King, you and your family sure get to go on some great adventures, and that one looks like it was lots of fun. I love the digging spot and the way the dogs build their own hidey-hole dens in it!

  2. It was such a blast! Thank you Tracy so much for having us over at your amazing facility/home!! And thank you for hosting such an awesome event and I know lots of money was raised for TG so that’s even more awesome! :) congrats on 10 years!! 😀

  3. Del thank you to you and your lovely family for making the BIG trek to our place. It was great meeting all of you and I’m so glad you had such a good time!! Great blog btw!!! :-)

    Thank you to everyone that came by. It was good fun and you helped us tucker out all the dogs. They were all completely knackered that evening, as were we!!

    It was great seeing the TG alumni dogs with their families and they are all doing so well and all seem so happy and well balanced. A great day all the way around!!

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