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Casa - Will you help us find Furever Families

Casa – Will you help me find my Furever Family

Happy Birthday Dear Casaaaaa Novaaaa. Happy Birthday to you.
Can you believe it? This boy is still available? I do not know why has he not been adopted. Does he need more exposure?
Let’s get him out there and share his picture and his details. His Furever Family needs to see his face!
You can find out more on what Casa is doing while he waits for his Furever Family on his foster mom, Julia’s Foster Blog HERE – http://juliafostertg.blogspot.ca/ Please share this on Facebook to all your friends and ask them to share it also. There is a “SOMEONE” out there for CasaNova!
Check out foster mom Julia’s two most recent videos of CasaNova getting his Birthday cake, “blowing” out his candle and getting his Birthday Present Squeaky. Awww…
If you don’t say “Awww” to these I dunno why not?

Petfinder details . . . Casanova: A man known for his amorous adventures. This describes Casanova to a T – He is a love! He wants to love everything and everyone! He will happily lean against you and spin around to find the best place for you to scratch! He loves having his face squished and smooched! He is just a big cuddle bug! He would gladly climb into your lap, but being an 80lb dog that sometimes thinks he’s only 20lbs, he is learning that the rule is “4-on-the-floor”. He is a smart guy and will do just about anything for a toy or treat! He is still a puppy at heart and always makes you laugh! He likes to be busy whether it’s being petted, going for a walk, or chewing on a toy – he likes something to do. He has really great leash skills and stays in a nice heel.
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Look Who Just Turned One Yr Old! — 4 Comments

  1. Hi sue, at this point it’s a bit tough to say…
    The only cats he’s had experience with are the kittens at the vet and the kitty at another home we visited (the kitty was a bit timid). From what we see he is a bit too intense with kitties at the moment. However as I said its hard to say if that might change or not. he might learn to calm down through continued socialization and training- I just don’t have kitties available to really work on that to get an idea of what he’d be like over time.
    Best thing to do is send in an application (or if you are speaking for a friend have them send in an application) and we can go from there!
    Thanks! :)

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